Is the ACOS metric based on sales prices incl. VAT or Excl. VAT?


I have a question regarding the Amazon PPC campaigns. Is the ACOS metric based on our sales prices excl. VAT or incl. VAT.

Would appreciate your help.

Thank you

Very good question - I can’t find any mention in the Amazon help pages but it obviously makes a massive difference to the meaning of the figures.

No, it doesn’t include sales tax. It’s Ad Spend / Ad Sales.

Thank you for the answer, but it doesn’t quite answer my question.

So is the ad sales including VAT or excluding Vat. If I am selling a product for 20£ incl. VAT, my ACOS is 15% (3£ Ad Spend/ 20£ Ad Sales). My question is my ACOS metric based on 20£ incl. VAT or 15% ACOS refering to the sales price 16£ excl. VAT (2.40£ Ad Spend/16£ Ad Sales). It makes a huge difference.

Everything is excluding VAT in advertisement metrics.