Is seller amp wrong about the fees or am I missing something?

I keep seeing cheap products that other sellers sell at what it looks like a loss.

Just to be clear, I am looking at the FBA offers, I realise FBM is cheaper on fees.

Thank you.

Generally speaking, if sale price is under 10 bucks there is not a lot of room to squeeze out profit. You want to source products Ideally in the 25 and up sell price.

They may be taking advantage of what was small and light,Many sellers will just take pennies profit on such a item,they can ship lots into amazon in a single box and It just keeps things ticking over,even at just a small profit it can soon add up with a product selling decent volume,Also seller metrics are based on a % so it also helps to offset some of the bad things that pop up on your metrics,

That’s what I try to do, I was just curious what the people that sell cheaper items have to gain from it and how do they do it.

Small and light? Is that when you send to amazon and have to choose the prep needed?

Sometimes it’s to discourage other sellers from hoping on the listing. Plus if they have wholesale account and have razor thin margins but heavy heavy sales volume it might worth it

They have changed it now i think,but it was based on the fact that the item was small and light so your fees are reduced