Is it worthwhile at the moment?

With the recent apparent general drop in sales do people think doing sponsored ads is actually going to prove a worthwhile investment and outlay. Or is it just throwing good money after bad? If the customers arent actually there as they ahve been, as seems to be the general opinion.

I am looking into it., Never done it before in 5 years on here, but sales have gone in that time downhill to the point of 80 a day to now as low as 3.

I am just not sure (as many are saying ebay is busy they may have more or even other platforms) because if the customers arent going to be on there anyway, what is the point.

I have changed over some of my stock to FBA though last month and it has increased my sales , but still not going great guns.

It is up to you.
I had campaigns running all last year without a problem, fiddling about with them over time to keep the return high enough.
Its not clicks you want its sales - focus on that and you should do all right.

Try it with a few items. Manual keywords I would say work better than automatic.