Is it wise to run both Automatic and manual campaign at the same time?


Hope anyone has more experience can help me with this.

Is it worthwhile to run both manual and automatic campaigns at the same time?
What are the pros and cons?


The short answer - absolutely!

One practice I follow is that I use automatic campaigns to harvest keywords for a product.
Once I find good keywords that convert, I will then move them to a manual campaign and add them as negative keywords to my automatic.

One advantage auto campaigns also have is that they are advertised on other products - this is why you may see an ASIN as a search term on the search term reports.

A disadvantage is that Amazon is choosing the keywords so you may have some irrelevant search terms that are costing a bomb - again an easy fix is the add these to the negative terms as soon as possible.

Have fun with it! :grinning:

yep, I can not remember which one but it is on one of the Amazon advertising webinars that automatic campaigns is the way to find you converting keywords for manual campaigns.