Is it super risky to make substantial changes to my A+ content this near to Xmas?

(Our business is very heavily Xmas weighted - we make almost all of our sales in December).
Our listings are super basic and outdated compared to our competitors, and we have just got around to doing a big refresh (we’ve had lots of lifestyle photoshoots done etc).

I was planning to do a big refresh to boost our Christmas sales. But now I’m ready to upload, it’s just occurred to me that if something went wrong with, for example, our indexation this close to Christmas it could be a disaster.

A+ content is basically photos anyway so hopefully shouldn’t cause anything to be reclassified or re-indexed? But then again, things never seem to run smoothly with Amazon.

What do you think?

Are you brand registered? If so use experiments to A/B test

It’s too close to the holidays to make any major changes. I’d wait.