Is it possible to restrict advertising campaign spending based on time of day?

I have a product that sells fairly slowly, but its advertising consistently sells out quickly.

Usually it’s out of budget by 10am.

I think it might be that the audience who are more willing to buy the item will be up later in the day than this, but it doesn’t seem worth me tripling the budget just to reach them.

Is it possible to set a time of when to refund it, rather than blowing it all in the morning?
I can think of a hacky way of giving it a zero spend budget and then increasing it when I want the advert on, but I was hoping for something automated

Amazon Advertising does not provide a direct feature that allows you to set specific timeframes for when your campaigns run or stop spending. The platform focuses on the budget allocation and ad placement based on the ad auction system.

However, you can implement a workaround to somewhat achieve your goal using the method you mentioned:

  1. Automated Bid Rules or Campaign Scheduling Tools: While Amazon’s native ad system might not provide time-based budget adjustments, you might explore using third-party tools that can help automate adjustments to your campaign budgets based on time of day. Some advertising management platforms offer automated bid rules or scheduling features that allow you to adjust budgets during specific timeframes.
  2. Manual Budget Adjustments: If your goal is to primarily reach a specific audience that tends to be active later in the day, you could manually adjust your campaign budgets each day. You can increase the budget during the times you believe your target audience is most active and decrease it during less active times.
  3. Experimentation: Consider running experiments with different budget allocations during specific timeframes to see how it affects your campaign performance. This can help you identify the optimal balance between budget allocation and targeting timeframes.
  4. Segmentation: Instead of adjusting the budget for the entire campaign, consider segmenting your campaign into multiple ad groups or campaigns with different budgets. This way, you can allocate a larger budget specifically to the timeframe when your target audience is more likely to engage.

Remember that advertising strategies can be highly dependent on your specific product, target audience, and market dynamics. While Amazon Advertising’s features might not directly support automated time-based budget adjustments, exploring workarounds and third-party tools could help you achieve your goal of reaching your target audience at the most effective times. Always monitor the performance of any changes you implement to ensure they align with your advertising objectives.