Is Helium 10 better than Jungle Scout or Keepa?

Who thinks Helium 10 is worth that much more than Jungle Scout?

Should I also get Keepa?

There are a lot of tools and apps available so I am wondering if Keepa and Helium 10 platinum would be enough?

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if it is private label, you only need Helium 10 ! :slightly_smiling_face:


Keepa is much better than helium 10

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Helium 10 is definitely better than Keepa

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To me it really depends what kind of selling you are doing. For WS and PL helium 10 is amazing! It really really really helps with PPC campaigns, which is your lifeblood when selling in those formats.

For RA and OA I believe strongly that Keepa is the best tool to have for product sales data. We use Seller Amp - Tools for Amazon Sellers to analyze for RA/OA and it comes with keepa. You don’t get the extra benefits that keepa offers unless you subscribe to keepa as well. But SellerAmp allows you to view product sales data with keepa. My favorite tool by far now is SellerAmp.

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