Is arbitrage better or private label?

What does prep centre do?

Both are different business models with cons and pros .Up to you decide which one is better .

A prep center mainly will receive, inspect, prep, store, ship to Amazon on your behalf …


Private Label is the better option for experienced sellers, in theory, but there are many overriding factors, including budget, experience level, and your personal wishes!

Prep Centres receive products, check them, prep, label, and ship products to Amazon Fulfilment Centres.


Start with arbitrage and learn how Amazon’s system works. Then you can slowly get into PL. Never start with PL. PL take the most time, money, and Amazon knowledge to pull off.

Start with the easier and less risky business model of RA and OA then progress into harder stuff like wholesale and PL.

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It hugely depends on your available capital. If you have a limited budget, arbitrage or wholesale will most likely be best, whereas Private Label will be more suited to larger budgets, whereby you can purchase enough products, and have the freedom to launch PPC Ads campaigns, etc.

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