Is Amazon created new policy?

Hi Sellers
Is Amazon created new policy that they deactivate account by saying that the previous reactivation in error.@kika
The account was deactivated on Oct 17, 2022 due to violating dropshipping and code of conduct policy. The business model was online arbitrage. After providing lots of appeals and supporting documents, the account was reinstated for FBA on Dec 17, 2023.
But the issue is with funds that were wrongly added to expenses. When I opened case regarding this, I received a suspension notification again. When I contacted to Account health support team they said that the reactivation was in error and I need to submit a plan of action again. Moreover, my account was reinstated after hundreds of calls,after submitting appeals for almost 60 times and now they again suspended. Now, they refused to release the funds again. While I got two small disbursement after reactivation.

Hello @zyan786,

thank you for joining the forum. Unfortunately, you made a very big mistake by opening cases and demanding the withheld funds immediately after reinstatement.

It is frequently the case that funds are withheld for some time after the suspension gets lifted. You should have started selling to establish a good selling history following reactivation.

By poking them demanding the money to be released, you caused the account to get suspended again.

Now, you need to get back to appealing. I would advise you to request a callback from the Account Health Team and ask them for advice how to improve your Plan of Action.

Also, you can post here your Plan of Action and any communication with Amazon regarding the matter for better advice.