Is advertising worth it?

Just starting out with FBA. Is advertising worth it? What are your thoughts on it?

Trying to figure out the best way to seller my product and still make a profit.

Why don’t you let someone skilled handle it for you?

Here’s an effective approach for launching Amazon PPC Campaigns:

→ Identify your competitors on the platform.

→ Compile their keywords in an Excel sheet using reverse ASIN search.

→ Select high-performing keywords with substantial targeting.

→ Manually create a campaign and input these chosen keywords.

→ Initiate the ad campaign.

Most importantly, closely monitor and fine-tune the ad during the initial 10-day period.

Definitely, advertising on Amazon can help you generate sales and rank your product. Before advertising, your listing should be optimized, which helps improve your conversion rate. If your listing is new, try to get some reviews through the Amazon Vine program or from other sources. I can assist you with this.

Yes, you need good rankings to drive sales