Ip word Trademark

Hello my Account Was suspended in IP word trademark i send appeal then amazon wants greater detail and then i was submit appeal then amazon reject so what can i do

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Hello @Ameen,

thank you for posting into our forum. I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated due to Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints.

May I ask how long have you been selling on Amazon?

How many Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints have you received?

What was the brand of the product with Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaint?

Where were the goods sourced?

Do you have invoices meeting the following requirements?:

Supplier information (name, phone number, address, website)

– Buyer information (name, phone number, address, website)

– Item descriptions (matching the ASIN(/s)

– Item quantities (should reflect your selling volume)

– Invoice date (must be issued in the last 365 days)

could you share the Amazon suspension notification, then I will facilitate you properly.

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Please post the deactivation notice