Invontory avaible at FBA warehouse but still Out of Stuck

I’m doing Private Label in US market.

My supplier deliver inventory of 200 units to FBA warehouse. Amazon received that inventory almost 35 days ago but still out of stock, 0 available and nothing is showing in my inventory.

Today when I open case amazon reply me by saying this,

May I know what is this Issue and how to solve this issue?


it’s either your items are lost, or amazon misplaced them somewhere in their warehouse, you only need to confirm that you’re being reimbursed by amazon, & try to order form your supplier more to your inventory.

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Hello @Faraz97,

thank you for posting into the forum. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your FBA inventory not being received.

The response is stating that you were reimbursed for your missing units, because you were incorrectly notified about receiving the stock, which was later transferred to a different account.

Have you checked if you were reimbursed for the goods?