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I am facing a problem, Amazon ask me to submit invoice for an ASIN which I sell in March of 2022, and I stop selling it in April 2022. I just sold 60 units in that time. But now in OCT 2023 Amazon ask to submit invoice, I have submitted but Amazon ask this invoice is over 365 days and I need to submit invoice of last 365 days. My question is how I can submit invoice of last 365 days when I don’t buy or sell this inventory. I have only invoice of year 2022 but Amazon keep rejecting it by saying that we need invoice of last 365 days. What can I do in this situation.

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@Kika @Akmal

Was this item subject to a recall?

You can send the most recent invoices with an explanation

Hello @MLXRIN,

I am sorry to hear that. My recommendation is that you contact @amazonsellerhelp on Twitter, they will be able to help you.

As this is something that will only lead to generic unhelpful responses by the regular Amazon Seller Support.


Thanks to all for supporting

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You are welcome, feel free to post here whenever you need help :slight_smile: