Investigation completed without reimbursement

I’m unsure of my next steps. I submitted an invoice, proof of delivery, and a confirmation email from my supplier to Amazon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My First listing turned out to be a very disappointing experience.

I think most Amazon sellers face this, I did too. I have opened the case several times and get the same response, today though I submitted the pics of my shipment, along with the invoice, mentioned the weight of the box, and also suggested that if any units were missing it would weigh more (so basically did math for all units and provided them with it). I also asked them for proof from their end. The only reason I did this because my account was dinged for incorrect quantities, otherwise I would have moved on, but you have 72 units so worth a shot by providing all details.


Welcome to scamazon… where they ban American companies but let random dudes in the Middle East make millions on fake accounts.

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I believe this happens to anyone. To my case, I provided same everything as you. Every time just received a bot answer same as you. I emailed the managing director and got someone asked for proof of delivery. I did then ghosted and bot answer. After 7 times I’m kinda giving up now…

Don’t know any better solution to be honest.

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I opened a case 7 days ago, and today I got an unexpected response from Amazon.

Create a case and provide an invoice+ bank statement or your courier invoice etc to prove that you have sent them all the items. Then after a few days create a new case regarding your previous case and live chat with the support team that your matter is not resolved yet as you’ve provided all the available information from your side.

It works for me.

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Same is going on with me, Amazon has lost 23 units, got the same robot response which you got: