Inventory stranded after being received at Amazon FC due to Amazon labeling service error

Greetings, we delivered a shipment to Amazon and opted for Amazon to label our products. After receiving the shipment successfully, one SKU got labeled as stranded and deactivated automatically by Amazon stating that we have a pricing error and our price is too low. We check the listing and find 3 other international sellers selling the same product and we know it is not possible because we actually manufacture the product. The listing shows our product with the three sellers with prices 3x what it is priced at. We are not sure if our packages were labeled wrongly with same label as that other product or other way around and we do not know what is the current situation for the other buyers either but we opened a case with seller support and it’s been going on for 47 days with no luck. They keep saying they are waiting on their internal team for update and that never happens.

Anyone had a similar issue before? or if you can suggest some actions to do besides keep waiting. We are hopeless at this point and we do not want to remove our products and create a new listing and lose our reviews and sales history.

A pricing error will always disable the listing, which will lead to stranded inventory.

Try going to the listing’s pricing settings to see if you have set a specific minimum and maximum price, which is causing the pricing errors.

Regarding the other sellers selling your products, these could be dropshippers or resellers.