Inventory management and listing creation software recommendations


I’m looking for some recommendations for software that can manage listing creation and warehouse inventory across several platforms and marketplaces.

We have many FBA SKUs in the UK / EU. We’ve recently added about 100 FBM SKUs for both marketplaces. We want to add these 100 SKUs to JP / SG / AU / CA / US. Many ASINs already exist, but not all of them. I’d like to automate the listing creation process.

I also have a requirement to publish the same 100 SKUs on eBay / The Range, and potentially elsewhere.

Further, I the software to act as inventory management. For example if I sell 1 unit in one marketplace, I want all other marketplaces updated to reflect that I have less stock. Or, if I replenish my warehouse, I want this reflected too.

I’ve looked into this before and was deterred by software integration and monthly costs than I could afford at the time (much of our stock is low margin).

Any suggestions please?

So, for getting your listings out there and keeping track of what you’ve got, you might wanna check out Sellbrite. It’s all about listing on different platforms at once and keeping your inventory in line.

ChannelAdvisor is also in the game. Then there’s Linnworks. Veeqo’s another choice you could look into. It’s all about managing your stock and orders across different channels. Keeping things in check from all angles.

Hope this helps, and good luck

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