Inventory in Reserved Status following IP Complaint

I got an IP complaint from newly registered brand.
My account was at risk of deactivation. However after appeal they removed my IP complaint but now my inventory is in reserved status. How can I get back my inventory?

Hi @MRN_Retail

They most likely moved your inventory to Reserved Status during the investigation. You can check the Reserved Inventory report to see if you can learn the status.

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following steps:

Provide any necessary documentation or evidence to prove that the IP complaint was resolved and the complaint was unjustified. This could include proof of the complaint removal or any communication from the brand acknowledging the error.
Follow up with the support team regularly to ensure that they are actively working on resolving the issue and releasing your inventory. Be patient but persistent in your communication.
If necessary, consider seeking legal advice to understand your rights and options in this situation, especially if the platform’s response is not satisfactory.

Remember to remain professional and polite throughout the process to maximize your chances of a positive outcome.

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