Inventory Disappeared

I recently sent a shipment of 100 units in. As usual, all units went from FC transfer to available after a few days. My units were listed as available for about 2 days, then all of a sudden this morning my available units went from 100 to 50. 50 units have disappeared. They’re not in FC transfer, they have not been sold. Just flat out, disappeared.

What should I do?

Access the Inventory Adjustments Report from your Reports drop-down menu, select Fulfilment, which is where you will find your Inventory Adjustments report.

Analyze the data. Once you have the report in front of you, it’s best to sort by SKU to find discrepancies.

Contact your supplier quickly. If you have a good relationship with your supplier, contact them as soon as Amazon confirms that your inventory is actually missing.


Use the Reserved Inventory report, which shows a breakdown of units in your inventory that are in reserved status. The report can also help you find more information about the reserved units.