Invalid credit details can’t be deleted because its a charge method wtf?


The credit card information in your seller account is invalid. You must update your existing credit card information or add a new credit card to regain full access to your account. Please check that your credit card is not expired, has adequate credit available, and is chargeable in the currency (GBP) of Pre-paid cards are not acceptable.

This exception cannot be deleted as it is currently used as a charge method. Please replace your charge method before deleting this exception.

I’ve had two conflicting messages from amazon, one telling me to update from credit details and another telling me the same details can’t be deleted because these are being used as a charge method - I;ve tried contacting amazon, but their email address isn’t working?

Any ideas, or are amazon just useless?


Thanks for your post.

You need to update the current charge method and once you have entered the new details you need to delete the card registered in the exception section.

If you want me to check your account can you please send me the e-mail address it is registered to as I am having difficulty locating an account for you.


Amazon are just useless, they will do this every 2 weeks. They did with me. I have now closed my selling account and have been waiting 2 months for them to transfer hundreds into my account. Which they keep refusing. Even tho the customers have received the items.