Invalid charge method error

Hi All,

we are having an “invalid charge method” on our Seller account for over a week now.

Have gone through the update funnel several times and cannot get a resolution for this issue.

Wondering if other Sellers are currently in this same issue loop. And if anyone has a resolution hack for Seller Central support.

Thanks in advance.

It’s frustrating dealing with an “invalid charge method” issue on your Seller account.

  1. Contact Seller Support: Keep reaching out to Seller Central support for assistance. Persistence sometimes pays off, and they may be able to provide a solution or escalate the issue to the appropriate team.

  2. Check Payment Method: Double-check the payment method linked to your Seller account to ensure it’s valid and up-to-date. Sometimes, a simple update or correction can resolve the issue.

  3. Review Account Settings: Review your Seller account settings to see if there are any outstanding issues or notifications that need attention. Sometimes, resolving other account issues can indirectly resolve payment-related issues.

  4. Seek Community Help: Consider reaching out to seller communities or forums to see if other sellers have encountered similar issues and found solutions. They may be able to offer insights or tips based on their experiences.

  5. Consider Professional Help: If the issue persists and you’re unable to resolve it on your own, you might consider seeking professional assistance from third-party consultants or account managers who specialize in Amazon seller support and account management.

  6. Document Everything: Keep detailed records of your communications with Seller Support, including case IDs and any responses received. This documentation can be valuable if you need to escalate the issue further or seek assistance from higher levels of support.

While navigating account issues can be frustrating, staying proactive and persistent in seeking resolution can often lead to a positive outcome. I hope you’re able to resolve the “invalid charge method” issue on your Seller account soon.

Best of luck!

What is the reason for invalid charge method? What card are you adding ?

Did you open a case?

I got that today and just updated my credit card for all markets shown, even though I don’t sell in them, and it was fixed.