(Internal failure) Error when making call to Seller support

Hello, I am facing this issue when I try to call to seller support team via ‘‘call me now’’ button. It gives error as attached. My skype number is active, even I called on different numbers to check.

First I try to call for UAE seller central and faced same issue then in USA seller central account but same issue. I previously used same number and talk many time to Amazon. I think there is problem with my number as same error come on two different account while calling.

How to solve this issue?


Hello @MLXRIN,

thank you for posting into our forum. Based on your screenshot, it seems like your phone number may have been blacklisted from being able to request callbacks from Account Health Team.

Amazon sometimes does this when the same person repeatedly requests callbacks over the same matter - to a point where it becomes excessive.

Try using a different phone number to establish, whether this is the case. If yes, then any other number should work.

Thanks for guidance.

I will try with another number

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You are welcome, let me know once you have any news :slight_smile:

Sure, I will

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Hi, I have change the number but getting same issue, Even I tried to call from different seller central but getting same error.

I also delete my browser history, cashes etc but getting same. I have tried with 3 different numbers on different seller central.

Where are you calling from? Some country do not have the callback option available.