Intellectual property violations

intellectual property violations…I received one and it is correct and understandable how it happened The company named their crystal rose figurine “Enchanted Rose” back in 1988 when the company was founded. The rose has been sold by the name for all this time until it was trademarked in 2019 by a new brand . the manufacture of the figurine never trademarked their rose name by the brand so it was open for use …so no need to appeal right because I will not win so do i try and appeal or just leave it?

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Did you receive any communication regarding the matter from Amazon?

There is a difference between Suspected Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints and the regular ones.

If you actually received an infringement claim from the rights owner, the only thing you van do is appeal the decision, which includes having to provide invoices, retraction notice from the rights owner or a Plan of Action.

no it was not suspected, the letter actually stated to change the wording but they removed the ASIN and closed it the claim is valid, as i said the item had the name for 32 years but was never trademarked or had a copyright it just appeared last year …I totally do not feel I will win the appeal I just need to know if i need to appeal or do I just leave it for the 6 months to drop off

We are contacting you because we received a report of trademark infringement on the product detail page associated with one or more of your listings. Sellers on are not allowed to use trademarked terms in a way that might lead their product to be confused with a different trademarked product.

Please modify your product and product detail page to ensure they do not infringe on the trademark of the rights owner listed below.

Examples of unacceptable terms:

– “AmazonBasics speaker charging cable.” AmazonBasics is trademarked by Amazon.

– “Wireless Amazon speaker for laptop.” Amazon is trademarked by Amazon.

– “Cable similar to Pinzon.” Pinzon is trademarked by Amazon, and we prohibit the use of “similar to.”

Examples of acceptable terms:

– “Cable for charging AmazonBasics speaker.” The cable is not created or sold by Amazon.

– “Wireless speaker for laptop, compatible with AmazonBasics.” The speaker is not created by Amazon.

– “Basic cable works with Pinzon.” The cable is not sold or created by Pinzon.

To learn more about this policy, search for “Intellectual Property Violations” in Seller Central Help.

ASIN: B00158L47Y

Title: Crystal World "Enchanted Rose

Trademark: 5684027

Complaint ID: 6796263211


Amazon Seller Performance

when i click appeal it is to reactivate which will not be possible since the claim is valid

Reactivate your listing

ASIN: B00158L47Y

Complaint ID: 6796263211

A Plan of Action should include:

Root Cause of the policy violation

Corrective Action

Preventive Action

Are you sure that the issue is with the title?

Could it be due to a wording included in the product’s bullet points or description?

Another way of appealing would be by providing a retraction notice or valid invoices.

yes I did revise the listing title and description but amazon removed it but it is still in my inventory, I want to revise it so I can move on, 2 appeal and amazon states the same thing revise it HOW WHEN IT IS REMOVED ? I don’t understand what else I can do ? I want to resolve it

Did you try making the edits by opening a case with the Seller Support?

As the trademarked wording needs to be completely removed.

yes i did they referred me to dispute-notice email for help…it is a doom loop

Did you include any proof supporting the desired changes in the Seller Support case?

what proof?? the website is showing the name in the dispute their catalog is the same this company has been in business for 32 years named their crystal rose enchanted rose now a new company registered their precious metal rose enchanted rose so the word enchanted is in violation…I changed the wording to red crystal rose in glass dome,no reply

Normally, Amazon requires either a link to the manufacturer’s website or a photo of the product showing it’s barcode.

Otherwise, any changes you make won’t get accepted.

Hi, my issue is they deleted the listing even thou they are asking to revise it it is removed so how can I ? I sent 2 messages asking and i get the same answer …we cannot except your appeal I was not appealing just asking how to revise a listing as instructed when it was deleted…:frowning:

And are your still able to find the blocked (Inactive) listing in your inventory?

If not, then you won’t be able to edit it.

Do you necessarily need to continue selling the product?

As otherwise any defect would automatically disappear from your metrics after 180 days.

yes it is still there and I tried to revise it it did not update I removed the 25 pieces it was on of the best selling crystal pieces I carry …can the manufacture make a new listing ?

If your updates weren’t reflected on the site, it means that you will need to open a case with the Seller Support and request any changes this way.

Also, I don’t think it would be a good idea to make a new listing for items which were removed.

I would suggest you to sell them elsewhere. Maybe on eBay.