Integrate Shopify listings using MWS API

How can i integrate our listings on shopify with my amazon seller account, using MWS API? It keeps saying we have an invalid account, to sign up for MWS, but we signed up as a pro merchant. Thanks

I would recommend you to contact Shopify support, as this is not something managed on Amazon’s end


To integrate your Shopify listings with your Amazon seller account using the MWS API (Merchant Web Services API), follow these steps:

  1. Confirm that you have a Professional selling plan on Amazon. MWS API access is only available for Professional seller accounts, so make sure you are subscribed to the appropriate selling plan.
  2. Register for Amazon MWS (Merchant Web Services). Even though you have a Professional seller account, you still need to sign up for MWS separately. Here’s how you can do it: a. Visit the Amazon MWS Developer Portal ( b. Click on the “Sign up for MWS” button. c. Log in using your existing Amazon seller account credentials. d. Follow the registration process and provide the necessary information. e. After completing your registration, you will receive the required credentials for MWS API access, including a Seller ID and a unique MWS Auth Token.
  3. Set up the MWS API integration in Shopify. To connect your Shopify store with your Amazon seller account, you can use a third-party integration app or service that supports MWS API integration. Look for Shopify apps that specifically mention Amazon integration or MWS API connectivity. These apps typically guide you through the integration process by connecting to your MWS API account using the Seller ID and MWS Auth Token obtained during registration.
  4. Follow the integration steps provided by the selected Shopify app. While each integration app may have its own setup process, generally, you will be prompted to enter your MWS API credentials (Seller ID and MWS Auth Token) within the app settings. This will establish the connection between your Shopify store and your Amazon seller account.
  5. Configure the settings for your Amazon integration in Shopify. Depending on the app you’re using, you may have options to control product synchronization, inventory management, pricing, order fulfillment, and other settings. Review and adjust these settings according to your requirements.
  6. Test the integration by adding products from your Shopify store to your Amazon seller account. Verify that the products sync correctly, inventory updates are accurately reflected, and orders placed on Amazon are synchronized back to your Shopify store for fulfillment.

If you encounter any issues or receive error messages stating that your account is invalid, it’s recommended to double-check your Amazon seller account type, ensure that you have successfully registered for MWS, and verify that you are using the correct MWS API credentials (Seller ID and MWS Auth Token) during the integration setup.

If the problem persists, reach out to the support team of the selected Shopify app or contact Amazon Seller Support for further assistance in resolving the account validation issue.

Please note that the specific integration process and available apps may vary. Refer to the documentation or support resources provided by the selected app for detailed instructions on integrating Shopify with your Amazon seller account using the MWS API.

I hope this helps!

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@EtsySeller2001 Very knowledgeable and helpful :clap:

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