Insights on setup time and balancing with a full-time job

Curious to know if it’s worth getting into this.

  1. If you want to make £300-£500 per month, how much do you need to invest?

  2. How long does it take to realistically set everything up?

  3. can this work along side a full time job?

I know it’s a very saturated market, so keen to understand how everyone else gets on and if it’s worth the time and effort.


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It is going to happen that way or it will not happen at all.

Success is NOT 8 hour days, 5 days a week. It takes plenty of time to get started plus the fact that in the USA small individuals are crushed by big tech. Not sure how it is in your country, we face tremendous headwinds. With strong headwinds you will need to spend more time at starting your business.

I had to work full time when going to college, that prepared me for boot strapping 2 companies. It can be done, just keep your chin up and don’t let big tech bullies push you around.


I’m in Canada and do this part time for now. I have 2 younf daughters and a wife i want to be there for. My construction job is 6 days a week and around 70 hours a week. In the last 8 months selling on Amazon I have done 88.2k in sales and sold exactly 3500 units as of writing. Amazon is 100% worth it.

The amount you make depends on what you buy and your margins. For an wxtra 300-500 I would honestly say you can do that with 500. My first month using fba I did 4k in sales which is all you need for the income you are looking for.

All the info is free and online, you just need to DO it!

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Ultimately Amazon can be whatever you want it to be, however most people don’t get started or are unclear on what they want to do. It seems you’re clear on what you want to do.

Why do you only want to make £500 per month? Is this to cover your mortgage or something?

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