Individual Cartons (labelled) inside of a pallet - What FBA workflow template to achieve this?

I am trying to prepare a shipment on Amazon Seller Central, and I cannot see a template that makes sense for me to specify that my items do not go in boxes - rather that each SKU is effectively an individual carton…and that they will all be mixed inside of pallets. But NOT inside of boxes that will then go inside pallets!

I just need to know what I need to do, step by step, to specify that. The Amazon current options are for me to specify if my SKU pack groups all fit in one box, or in multiple boxes. But all I want to say is that every single SKU in any of my pack groups is actually individually wrapped in a carton, with a unique bar code on it. And then, that I will put them all mixed up in pallets (not inside boxes)!!!

Can anybody help, please?

Your boxes are individual units. If you want the fulfillment center to open each box and remove the item inside, you will have your barcode (Amazon or manufacturers) affixed to each unit.

If you want your units to stay inside their boxes, you would affix your barcode on the outside. All you would have to do is add a “Ready to Ship” label.

In either event, each and every box on your pallet must have an individual Box Label on the outside.

Send to Amazon: Print pallet labels


Thank you for the explanation @FunkyMonkey


@Patricia You are welcome and best wishes.