Increasing sales rank

I know people say having family member leaving reviews on your product isn’t allowed, but what if we have our family members by our product without leaving reviews so we can help our organic ranking by getting a lot of sales ? are we able to do that ?

It depends on the country you reside in. If you are in the USA and get caught you could be facing legal challenges.

Why is it so? How is it illegal to have family buy your products?

That is a question better answered by your attorney.

Then you will know first hand what is going on. If you get the boot from amazon you have not lost much, if you get a criminal conviction you will have a serious problem. Best to ask someone that is licensed to practice law in your state.

How can my family who is genuinely interested in supporting a new small business without even leaving a rating lead to criminal conviction? Amazon policy is one thing but that doesn’t mean laws are being violated.

That is why you need to ask those questions in front of a legal professional. The internet is not someplace to get advice for life changing events. I have pointed you in the correct direction, now it is up to you.

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Hi @jeek1314,

Don’t do it. You may think it’s unfair that your relatives and friends can’t buy your products, and leave positive reviews.

Tell that to Amazon when you are suspended, for life.

They have a pretty good system that finds sellers who try to “beat the system.”

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