Inauthentic Items suspension

Hi All,

My Amazon account has been deactivated as one of my suppliers reported me for selling fake items as I did not have the items myself. Amazon asked me to provide receipt of certain items in my inventory which are all retail arbitrage items and this is not against the amazon policy. I have provided everything that’s been asked and so far only 1 of the 3 items has been accepted. The other 2 were dropshipped items and I was not aware that dropshipping was not allowed on amazon. Can someone please help me and advice me on what to do.

Thank in advance


welcome to the Seller community!

I am sorry to hear that your US Seller Account has been deactivated.

Regarding your question:

Suspensions like this are very difficult to appeal when you are unable to provide Amazon requested invoices.

In this case it will be necessary to delete any items from your inventory for which you are unable to provide invoices and then purchase some new inventory and provide Amazon those invoices.

The invoices need to include all of the following:

— Supplier information (name, phone number, address, website)

– Buyer information (name, phone number, address, website)

– Item descriptions (for ease of our review, you may highlight or circle the ASIN(s) under review)

– Item quantities

– Invoice date (must be issued in the last 365 days)