INACTIVE LISTING - Seller Support unable to help

My listing (of which I am brand owner) went inactive yesterday, when I try and reactive it says ‘approval required’ but does not allow me to apply. The link attached to it directs me to organic Feed and Food section of Amazon T&C’s saying to seek approval. The item isn’t a feed or food item. The products is in the category Pet Supplies, Dogs, Health Supplies, Itch Remedies which is correct. I reached out to the email address [email protected] and got this response.

‘Product is confirmed to be non-organic food but the listing was setup as food in the system.
I transferred your case to Seller Support Assistance in order to guide/help you perform the changes.
The organic food gate will update itself once the changes are made.
We appreciate your patience and cooperation.
Thank you for selling with Amazon.’

Amazon Seller support replied back to this message saying to seek approval as the item is inactive and requires approval. Generic response.

I then reached out to change product information via seller support and they replied -

In order to investigate this issue, we require the following:

– The incorrect attribute on that ASIN (accessible on the Manage Inventory page under Edit Details).
– The incorrect information on that attribute and the correct, updated attribute.

But I have no idea what attribute is incorrect or what change to make. I seem to just be going around in circles.

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Even if the product is intended for dogs, if its title or description includes specific flagged keywords, then you will be unable to get it reactivated unless you give Amazon exactly what they asked for.

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