Inaccurate box quantity FBA defects

Help needed!

I keep getting Inaccurate product quantities in box defects and i’m now approaching the acceptable %.

It’s a complete lie! I do all my own prep and pack the boxes myself, i have disputed every single one with invoices and they all get rejected…

What can i do?

I am getting a lot of these too, funnily they initiate an ‘investigation’ and conclude it on their own without even requesting invoices from us. Then when we raise a case they keep claiming we’ve already done our ‘investigation’ and the missing units were never there.

Used to be the case where they would always request proof of purchase first.


If you’re consistently receiving inaccurate product quantity defects despite self-prepping and packing, there may be underlying issues with Amazon’s receiving or counting process. Keep detailed records of your packing procedures, including photographs or videos, to support your claims. Escalate the issue directly to Amazon Seller Support, emphasizing your diligent practices and providing clear evidence of accurate quantities. Request a thorough investigation into the discrepancies and persist in your efforts to rectify the situation until resolved satisfactorily.


This is very much disappointing nowadays how Amazon is doing this type of shits and many more mistakes.


I get this too and basicaly they are accusing us for any mistake that they might do . I worked inside Amazon years ago and workers are making a lot of mistakes but everything is passed on us sellers.