Improve customer satisfaction with new Voice of the Customer features

Announcement reposted from Amazon Europe:

We’ve launched two new features on the Voice of the Customer dashboard: Recommended actions and Key phrases.

The Voice of the Customer dashboard highlights products that require more attention by grouping them in “Poor” and “Very poor” health ratings. The new features offer specific suggestions on how to improve your listings and how to receive additional customer feedback.

Recommended actions have expanded from the existing options, including editing listings and removing inventory, to now include:

  • Seller education content to help you understand and address product condition, expired products and general product quality issues.
  • Information on Amazon’s preparation guidelines to recommend product preparation to reduce mishandling of products.
  • Size chart tool to update the size chart information and reduce customer issues pertaining to fit.
  • Product lifecycle support, which allows customers to learn more about your products through videos and live support to help reduce returns.

The Key phrases feature expands customer feedback from just reviews to include feedback from customer service sessions, buyer-seller messaging, seller feedback and A-to-z claims.

To view the enhanced features, go to the Voice of the Customer dashboard.