Impressions and clicks amount decreased significantly

Hello there,

We are quite new at Amazon, and have participate in the Sponsored Products Campaign.
We have always had quite good amount of impressions and clicks.
But during the last 2 weeks something has happened and the quantity of impressions (and clicks) has started to decrease.
Last week the number of impressions decreased twice, and this week it decreased 7 times (!!) from the average quantity.
Our default bid is always equal to the suggested bid, we haven’t changed absolutely anything - neither keywords nor products descriptions or photos.
We are paying FBA fees, but due to poor or faulty advertising provided by Amazon, our sales dropped down - almost 5 times!

We sent request to Amazon Support on 01/03/18, and today is 03/03/18, and still no answer.

Has anybody experienced this sudden drop in the number of impressions and how to deal with this?

Another one - has anybody received any explanation from Amazon with the reason? of sure, they are extremely bad with answers, but is there any magic button to make them give a proper answer and to look into the case?

Many thanks.

With kind regards

Are your competitors selling more items than you and have decided to advertise also.

The visibility of products in sponsored ads is primarily decided by sales rank. So if a new advertiser joins who have better sales than you then your ads will effectively disappear or get pushed so far down the list that people don’t click through enough pages to get to your ad.

An example I set up ads for some of my items ranging from good sellers to new lines. The good sellers would dominate the visibility. When I had good sellers in the ads I would get 1000 plus impressions in a few hours. I then took out those with a sales history because I wanted to push my new designs. I then had just 6 impressions over 5 days.

You need good sales figures to get good visability and high impressions. Which sort of defeats the purpose of sponsored ads for the seller though is good for Amazon as they claw more money off the seller.