Importing to Amazon US FBA

Hello Sellers,

can any one here share their process importing from UK and China directly to US Amazon FBA?

Thank you

  1. Create a shipping plan in Seller Center, and you will get the Amazon warehouse address and shipping labels.

  2. Put FNSKU and ‘Made in China’ labels on product packaging. Put the shipping labels on the outer carton (FNSKU is obtained after buying UPC at GS1). Note that the size and weight of the carton cannot exceed Amazon’s limits.

  3. If you have a large quantity of products or it is your first time working with the supplier, I suggest you can hire an inspector to inspect the goods at the factory before shipping.

  4. Have your freight forwarder pick up the goods at your supplier address and ship directly to the Amazon warehouse. If you need shipping or inspection, you can contact me. Our DDP shipping includes customs clearance and customs duties.

You can hire a freight forwarder to ship your goods from UK and China to Amazon warehouses after your suppliers ready your orders. The freight forwarder should take care of everything for you.