Importing from Alibaba

Hi All.

I am trying to source products from Alibaba. I wanted to know what’s an average per cubic meter freight cost that others might have experienced when sourcing products from Alibaba?

Also, I want to understand landed cost a little better for Canada bound shipments. Apart from the shipping cost, FF cost - what other costs are involved and how to pay for them? Example - import duties, HST?

Amazon will not accept Alibaba invoices so buying from them is risky.

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Hire an import broker. You can estimate taxes on Gov website for some stuff. A full container use to cost 2-3k.

You lost me at Alibaba

Last month I sent my shipment Alibaba to USA per kg DDP cost was $1.8

And about Canada the cost will be different.

Note: just go through DD shipping because your agent will pay all the custom taxes you will not face any difficulties otherwise your shipment can be stuck on the Port!