Important trailer seal requirements for some FBA shipments

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

To comply with our security policies, you must apply a seal to trailers for full-truckload and intermodal shipments yourself. Drivers will refuse to pick up such shipments if they don’t have an ISO-compliant seal, or a seal number that is included in the bill of lading.

When you apply a seal to the trailer and record the unique seal number on the bill of lading, it helps us to verify that the shipment has remained sealed and complete in transit. If the seal is broken or the seal number is incorrect, when your shipment arrives at our fulfillment centres, our team will note and investigate.

Amazon will not be liable for loss or inventory shortages for any shipments that don’t adhere to security protocols, including but not limited to missing seals, non-compliant seals, broken seals and lack of documentation, such as the correct seal ID on the bill of lading.

For more information, go to LTL or Truck Load Delivery to Amazon.

Note: If you load more than 14 pallets in the trailer, and you’re not asked to apply Amazon freight pallet labels in the Send to Amazon workflow, your shipping mode is likely full truckload.