I'm planning to run some ads for leather gloves through pay-per-click (PPC)

The client has five main listings for these gloves, each with size variations. Most of the keywords for these gloves are pretty much the same, with only minor differences. All of them are made from either goat or cow leather. Despite some slight design and leather type variations (like whole split leather, whole grain leather, or one side split/one side grain leather), the overall distinction between them isn’t significant.

The keywords that matter the most are relevant for all the gloves. Now, my concern is whether creating separate campaigns for each glove, all with similar bids, would make them compete against each other in this account.

I’d appreciate advice from those with more experience in this matter.

Thanks in advance

You are correct, the listings would be competing with each other. Your client should only create a campaign for one of them at a time.


You should test separate campaigns from day 1 for each type gloves. I will keep colour variations and sizes in same adgroup. Then after 3-4 months you will have data and you can decide which variations are working well for you in ads. At that time you got choice to make which way to go with data to back that decision. Different product types and variations work differently.


It’s generally not recommended to create separate PPC campaigns for the client’s five leather glove listings with highly similar keywords and bids, as this can lead to them competing against each other within the same account. This can happen through ad auctions, where both campaigns might compete for the same impression, potentially driving up the cost-per-click (CPC) and reducing overall efficiency.

Here are some alternative approaches to consider:

Combine the listings into a single campaign: This would allow you to manage all the gloves under one umbrella, using the same set of relevant keywords and bids. You can then use ad groups within the campaign to further organize the gloves based on any minor variations (e.g., leather type, design) if needed.

Utilize ad group differentiation: Within a single campaign, create separate ad groups for each glove listing. This allows you to tailor ad copy and landing pages specifically to each glove, potentially improving their click-through rate (CTR) and ad relevance. However, ensure the keywords within each ad group are tightly related to the specific glove it represents to avoid internal competition.

Leverage keyword match types: Employ different keyword match types (e.g., broad match, phrase match, exact match) within the same ad group to control the reach and relevance of your ads. This way, you can capture broader

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It can be complex … but you can take one or two of the most selling variations of that listing and start PPC Because if they are in one parent listing if two of them are advertising, the rest of them will themselves appear with the advertised listings…