I'm new, is it best to start threads on the "Sell on Amazon" OR "General Selling" page? What's the difference?

I’m new, is it best to start threads on the “Sell on Amazon” OR “General Selling” page?
What’s the difference?

Thanks for your opinions & clarification.

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Hello @Aladdin,

welcome to the forum, thank you for joining :slight_smile:

Feel free to post into whichever category suits your thread / question.

Regarding “Sell on Amazon” this is a main category that includes “General Selling on Amazon Questions” as subcategory. So, you may post into Sell on Amazon < General Selling on Amazon Questions.

There is also a category called “Help for New Sellers”:


Thanks Kika.
But I meant, which one’s going to give more exposure and more watchers?
Do visitors usually check both out, or more one than the other?
(Do you have an idea from experience).

I believe that most visitors are coming here from Google and any regular participants will review all unread questions, so you don’t need to worry about the lack of visibility.

Feel free to tag me into any questions for a quick response.

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