I'm looking to open a USA account


I currently do OA in the UK market and am starting to launch my first PL product. I would like to launch it in the US. From the research I have done, the US market has far more sales and is better suited for my product.

Any tips would be great. Thanks!

Ensure your product complies with US regulations, set up a US bank account, register for an EIN, and utilize Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Optimize your listing for the US market, use Amazon PPC for visibility, and consider hiring a local service for initial reviews.

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Indeed the USA market is bigger and better than any other marketplace. Why you are not testing the Pl product in the Uk first as you already have an account opened? See if it is selling then move to the USA.

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Choose 3 to 4 best products after long research, see which product works best and continue scaling it.

That was the plan at the start: to launch in the UK. It would be a lot cheaper starting out that way. From the research I have done, my product sells well all year round; it is not seasonal. Iā€™m still a beginner at selling on Amazon. I have much to learn. Thanks.