I'm looking for a new laptop as my current laptop is so old and slow

Anyone suggest a cheap ish one to put through the business?

There are literally hundreds to choose from and I would say, the vast majority would be fine for just amazon work.

Go for one with a big screen and lots of disc storage.

You don’t need a fancy processor unless you plan to do power-hungry tasks such as video editing.

And don’t forget spreadsheet and word processing software, paid or free.


If you are Windows user, then check if it is upgradeable or already using Windows 11 as Windows 11 will be the oos next year.


I got this one, it’s fast, lightweight and cheap!


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Thats actually a great price for i5 and 8gb ram.

And here was me gonna be snooty and comment an expensive one is better…

Pick one with at least 16gb RAM or upgradable, processor speed around 2.5 to 3.