I'm in the process of generating shipping labels for pickup from my supplier to the prep center, and I need some help to clear up my confusion as I haven't done this before!

  1. The supplier sent dimensions as 14x10x5 with a weight of 23 lbs, and specified “case 1 to 3.” I assume this means there are three boxes with a collective weight of 23 lbs. Is that correct?

  2. how should I generate the shipping label in this case since they provided the total weight for all three boxes? Do I need to ask for the individual weight of each box instead?

2.the supplier has prepared almost 12 boxes. Would it be a good idea to ask them to consolidate items into fewer larger boxes to reduce shipping costs, rather than using many small boxes?

Please correct me if I’m wrong on any of these points! Thanks for your help!

I have found it is more beneficial to send your items in at least 5 boxes of same sku to save on placement fees. But test this out yourself and see if it’s worth it. It is for me.

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It looks like, these are inner box dimensions, not outer carton.

Ask your supplier to provide

Total outer cartons:

One carton size:

One carton weight:

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Oh really? Thanks, I didn’t know

For Amazon yes, you are right I prefer the same but these are my test products at the moment going to the prep center.