If I want to liquidate FBA product because the margins are too low..can I do that at any time?

How does it work when liquidating FBA inventory?

Many thanks

Yes, you can liquidate your FBA products at any time, but you will need to pay Amazon removal fees and the costs of shipping the products to the liquidator.

What is your product?

Overnight oats containers. 2 pack, includes 2 spoons, 2 forks…

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If you can’t sell off your inventory – piecemeal or via wholesale – to another Amazon FBA seller, then you can liquidate your products on Amazon. But it’s important to note that Amazon pays out very, very little after they liquidate your products. In fact, your payout could be as low as 2-3% of your product’s sales price.

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If you are based outside of the US, you can either liquidate your excess inventory directly through Amazon Liquidations - where you will be able to recover some 10% of the product value. Keep in mind that they won’t buy your items if they are complete non-sellers.

In my own case, I have only had good experience with Amazon Liquidations. Let’s say an overstocked small trinket bought for $0.50 gets liquidated for $2. This still leaves me with a profit.

Alternatively, you would need to create a removal order to a local prep centre and further pay for processing fees and transport to the final destination of resale, which can be costly.

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