I would like to start listing my product in the US

Is there anything I need to consider when doing this?

I assume I’ll have to create a new seller account, do I need to create a US company, and how about paying taxes?

I’m not the best one to reply, as I did this 9 years ago and it may all have changed now (plus, since Brexit I no longer sell abroad so that account is dormant and would need re-verifying as a result).

Also, I’m a small individual seller - which would you want to be on Amz.com, individual or business?

As an individual it was, as far as I remember, very simple, quick and straightforward. I think all I had to show was a scan of my passport and type my names exactly as they show on my passport.


Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am familiar with Brexit. Now I would like to start selling in the USA. My question is if I can just sell as an individual under my own name? Do I have to pay taxes in the US or only in my own country of residence?

All I can say is I sold in my own name (as an individual) and never had to pay taxes in the US. I stopped selling there in 2020. Many things have changed since Brexit.

I’m not sure whether the big mess at the borders has been solved by now, forums back then were full of horror stories such as, buyers were charged customs taxes twice - at source by Amazon when ordering + again at the borders by mistake, etc. Resulting in negative feedback.
Big waits at the Customs’ & backlogs also meant delivery could take 1.5 or 2 months which enabled buyers to claim non receipt & get automatic Amz refunds, etc…
(In fact even recently I sent a gift to a friend in another European country and the pack took 5 weeks and my friend was charged 20 euros by the Customs!).
So be prepared for that kind of thing, check out the seller forums…

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