I was dealing with order cancellations in OA and just realized that the prep center I am using is flagged

Hello dear community,

I just faced a very strange issue. Our first order was canceled and they flagged us as resellers, and then all the subsequent orders were also canceled (other orders were from different retailers).

Now, I need to convince my first retailer that I am not a reseller, but a customer. I tried to convince them, but I received this reply from them (screenshot is attached).

What should I write to them to get myself unflagged?

Obviously, I will change the prep center, but now I need to unflag myself first.


Almost all of the big retailers have data of Warehouses and Preps so they’ve simply flagged these addresses.

Don’t bother wasting your’e time, best moving on !

Do not hide being a reseller.

Be upfront and honest.

When I go to wholesale shows the first question I ask distributors is do you sell to Amazon sellers?

If no, move to next booth!

But you are not a customer. Why would you lie to them? It is a general knowledge that many retailers are cancelling orders from resellers. And it seems like the retailers are doing everything they can to block and ban these individuals from snapping discounted items for their own gain.

Find brands which will allow you to resell their goods on Amazon. There are many of them.

There are many sellers posting on the board who publicly suggest to each other different ways to lie and to cheat the system.

Which of course causes honest sellers a lot of problems as we have to jump through many hoops caused by these dishonest sellers.

Just my opinion.


Yes, I am encountering this every day on OnlyFans and elsewhere, when people are asking me for help with the most difficult types of suspensions and they lie to me about the circumstances. I can obviously tell how they are lying.

Amazon has created an environment which encourages dishonesty - whether it’s buyers, sellers or Amazon.

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