I’ve been getting more and more letters like this recently. What do you guys do?

I called Amazon and in their own way the rep said to use my own discretion.

This looks fake. It is dollar general but they use a 2020 date.

They say, “including, but not limited to items bearing our Marks, including but not limited to:…”

Then they have an underline space after a comma in the last paragraph.

I could go on but I think it’s fake.

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Yes I saw it says 2020. I received it yesterday

Also I have reached out to the number listed and yet to get a response.

I wouldn’t mess with it. If they take you to court, you’ll lose if there claims are accurate. They have a team of lawyers who do this all day.

This letter is mimicking other letters and if it were truly from a Lawyer it would have been addressed to YOU not just merchant seller.

Why would it be illegal to resell stuff that you purchased