I need some clarity on barcodes


So if my supplier gives the items a UPC do I still have to get a GS1 barcode? Or am I good and I just need to apply the barcode the Amazon gave me when listing my iteam as well and can ship the iteam to Amazon? Is that also called the FNSKU?

That depends.

Is the barcode your supplier gives the items registered for that specific product? If not, you have to get GS1 barcodes.

No. Two different things.

You need a GS1 barcode to list your item in the Amazon Catalog. When you convert that listing to FBA, Amazon will assign an FNSKU barcode. That will be applied to each product you send to the Fulfillment centers.

Yes. FNSKU stands for “Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit.” Also known as an Amazon barcode…


Thank you :smiling_face: Does it make any difference if my supplier purchases the GS1 barcodes as opposed to me doing it? Will it impact my ability to edit the listing when my supplier owns the barcodes and not me?

UPC barcodes or GS1 barcodes are the same. They are used to create listings or ship FBA inventory if Amazon allows you not to use FNSKU barcodes. They rarely let you ship products into FBA with just the UPC.

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If it’s your product, you probably want to register the GS1 barcodes in the name of your company.

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You can get GTIN exemption as an alternative to purchasing barcodes.

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