I need help with withdraw

Good afternoon,

I am a Owner of several webshops I have used amazonpay on my shops.
I would like to withdraw my money from seller central but its not possible.
I am in dire need of

How can I do this?
I have tried all kinds of things.
Can someone please help me with this?

Presumably you need to be verified and your bank that is linked also needs verifying

Check any notifications on your amazon pay account

Did you not check it was also OK before you started taking payments through amazon pay on your website ?

Everything is correct… My Netherlands Banknumber is linked to the account.
Charge Method is also correct.
Still getting no answer from the seller central team.
I called also amazon but they cant help me.
Seller central have only roboting email responds.

Is there another way?

Click on bank account information and check it

And also on business and contact information

Also, it says you can only take sandbox transactions - not amazon EUR

Sandbox transactions are normally only undertaken when a site is in test mode-it allows the web owner to make sure that the transactions all go through without issue.

However, in this instance, I’m not sure what is happening…the OP would normally test his site within the sandbox and when the site goes live, the transactional element also goes live and comes out of the sandbox. The only solution here is for the OP to escalate it within Amazon-for that sum of money I most certainly would.

Note though that i’m no specialist, my experience with sandbox only comes from working on our own site, and we never use Amazon Pay.

I now have the money in the account which I basically do not get activated and thus can never withdraw. What is the reason for this is still unclear. I have adjusted all sorts of things in the past. Now when I escalate a ‘matter’ there is no response at all … I only get an automated email and nothing else happens.