I’m unable to close my account

I have an Amazon Seller account which I set-up several years ago for a client. I haven’t used it since and have done everything in my power to close. I don’t owe any money on the account and have been through the instructions in the help section several times without success. However, all these years later I continue to receive emails every month entitled “Your payment from Amazon has been cancelled” and would like to stop this - anyone any ideas what I can do next? Thanks

In order to do so, you will firstly need to downgrade your Selling Plan into Individual:


and then open a case with the Seller Support, requesting to have any prior subscription fees refunded.

To close your Seller Account, go into “Contact Us” - “Your Account” - “Change selling plan or close account” and click on “Request account closure”.

Please note, that this will only work if the account balance is zero and 90 days past the last transaction passed.

If you would like to learn more, here is an Amazon help page:


After closing the account, it won’t be possible to have it reopened. So I would suggest you to simply downgrade it using the link posted above and then leave it like this until you change your mind.

Don’t forget to regularly visit it to ensure there is a valid credit card on file and prevent a suspension.