I’m so lost with what to do now

One month ago Sol Retail hit me with 11 IP complaints.

After some discussion, we agreed that I would stop selling on the listings, and they would revoke the complaints.

I closed my listings, and removed all stock.

They completed the brand registry form to remove the complaints. 7 of the 11 were removed.

Daily, since the 16th June both me and the brand have hammered Amazon with emails and tickets to get the last 4 complaints removed, but we are in an endless loop with support asking for more proof, or for me to contact the account health team using the “call me now” button.

Please pay attention to my two statements :

The “contact us” button on the account health page DOES NOT WORK. This does not work for any seller, and seems to have been reported without resolution.

I have no new information for another appeal. I have sent proof of retraction in every way I can, and it has been rejected. Screenshots of the emails sent from Tom MacCarthy, of Sol Retail, on behalf of Beauty Kitchen, who applied the complaints originally. Timestamps on emails and messages from him to Amazon telling them to remove the complaints. Screenshots of me cc’d into emails from him, to Amazon, telling them to remove this.

I am at a complete loss. My account health is one complaint from deactivation. Amazon are refusing to remove the complaints, and restore my account health, as they don’t have enough information to do so.

I managed to spend 7 hours, over 6 phone calls, to get a case to the leadership team, only to be told “use the call me now, or submit a new application”.

I am so lost with what to do next. Both me and the brand have done out part, yet Amazon will not acknowledge this and remove the complaints.

Any advice, email address, phone number, ANYTHING, would be appreciated, as I have been dealing with thelis for at least 3 hours a day, for nearly a month.

If on phone answering Indian accent- don’t waste your time even, most unprofessional low paid virtual assistants on Amazon this is, some of them just dropped phone on me multiple times, because had no clue how to answer…

Always call in a mornings, to get Irish customer service, these are more professional and more knowledgeable on fixing issues.

Search in this forum “managing director email”, there was some similar topics when customer service are idiots and was needed to reach out management itself, majority was fixed after reaching management…


where you able to get a response from Sol Retail? I was also hit by IP claims. Twice.


Opening csse with amazon is somewhat tricky when it comes to use of words. In one of my cases, using the right word solved the problem after several failed attempts on brand approval. Therefore, search for your problem on amazon forums and try to find a solution from there with exact words that work for your problem. Also creating your own thread on forum might be helpful as well.

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Hi @jcutt,

We always deal with Seller Support in writing to establish a history of communications. If they contact us by phone, we will document the conversation back into the case.