I’m new to Amazon fba and I’m a little overwhelmed by all the information

Hi everyone,

Is there a class you can recommend or a good youtube video to watch?

Do I start an account first or find a product first? What is the minimum amount of $ do I need to start?

Starting with Amazon FBA can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, there are great YouTube videos and classes available to help you out. It’s generally recommended to find a product first before setting up your account. As for the minimum amount of money needed, it can vary, but having a few thousand dollars is often recommended.

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Amazon’s Seller University has all the modules to help you get started, and move into FBA. First, you need to understand selling on the Amazon platform, and read their Policies, agreements, and guidelines before you begin. You can start here:

Important first steps to start selling

It’s not wise to seek guidance from self-proclaimed “guru.” Stay away from anything not supported by Amazon.


Thank you!

I am looking to start Amazon FBA but being a total beginner would like to get some books to read up about it.

Any recommendations?



Seller University