I’m new on Amazon Ads, are there any webinars on this subject?


I would like to boost my sales, using Amazon Ads and Sponsored Products. But I feel, that I don’t have the necessary knowledge on this subject, so could you inform me, if there are any webinars about Advertising on Amazon? I can find few for free on the Internet, but I doubt about their quality… How can I find the best of them? Do you know any, that you could recommend? I could pay for that, because the quality matters.

Thanks for the help!

There are generally a few webinars through the year from various companies. Usually US based but a lot applies here.
You can usually find archives of webinars on particular sites. I have a liking for particular companies - CPC, Teikametrics, brightpearl, and a few others.
Not usually watching amazon webinars, helps if they take part and the ones have seen are low quality.

You can find some stuff on youtube.

Be wary of paid webinars until you know what they are offering.