I’m Looking For The Best DSL Internet Service

Hey folks, do you use DSL internet service? I need to know about it, like whether it is a good choice for normal web browsing, streaming, and email also, here are some more questions to ask:

  • Speeds: What are the max download and upload speeds? Are they enough for what I do online (streaming, gaming)?
  • Data Caps: Does the plan have a data cap? Will I hit it with my usage?
  • Distance: How far am I from the service provider’s central office? DSL speeds can slow down with distance.
  • Alternatives: Is cable or fiber optic internet available in my area? They might offer faster and more consistent speeds.

Let’s discuss DSL in the comments! Has anyone had a good experience with it?

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DSL is very old fashioned and no good for streaming/gaming.

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Who still uses DSL? I thought DSL went the way of the Doodoo bird. My phone is faster than DSL.


We don’t know where the OP is based. Outer Mongolia maybe?

Internet connection speeds in Mongolia in 2022

Median mobile internet connection speed via cellular networks: 16.53 Mbps. Median fixed internet connection speed: 60.13 Mbps.16 Feb 2022

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